Our Drum Horse mare Zara
sired by a Gypsy stallion
Rock of Cashel
out of Clydesdale mare
Glencameron Sassy
standing at 17.1hh
at four years of age

Zara is a very mild
mannered horse
showing great potential.

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Zara at three years of age is being riden lightly and is such a willing worker, still with the same sweet temperament.

Zara on her third birthday

getting a big hug from Amber

Zara as a two year old, an amazingly sane horse even during her teenage phase. When we put Amber on her back, she looked back to see her, and didn't move a muscle the whole time that the baby was there.

Her personality seems to be a thing that many Rock of Cashel sons and daughters have from what I have heard from owners of some of her half brothers and sisters.

Tri-colored Zara, our first Drum Horse is growing into a fine example of a her breed. Zara has shown a wonderfully trainable temperament, this photo was taken when she was thirteen months old. Madeleine had put the bit in her mouth for the first time that day, then came and told me about it after the fact. So I asked the girls to go back to the barn and put the bit in her mouth again so I could get a picture. She was so good about taking the bit and stood there as calm as can be so we set Stephanie on her back. She didn't move a muscle. Drum horse Zara

Drum horse Zara
Sire - Gypsy Cob Rock of Cashel - picture courtesy of White Stone Ranch.
Zara - our Drum horse filly as a baby - picture courtesy of Whispering Willows Farm.
Dam - Clydesdale Glencameron Sassy - picture courtesy of Whispering Willows Farm.