Val with her colt Bug.

Val is our Welsh Cob.

Val is a very steady trail horse who stops when her rider falls off, it happened once when Stephanie slipped off her. Then later Madeleine & Stephanie both staged falls and each time Val stopped dead and looked down at her rider on the ground. To me that is a good horse, so she is staying until my daughters feel that they want to part with her, if that day comes we will find her a forever home with a family. She has a lot of good traits to pass onto her foals, her colt Bug was very calm and an amazingly quick learner and Thor is proving to be much the same.

Chestnut carrying the agouti gene.

Val with Thor, her 2010 colt sired by Bears Pride.

Once she got down, she had to get back up,
hence the uncomplimentary picture to the right.

Jabba the Horse!
One month before Thor was born.

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