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Stella was born in Yorkshire UK, about one hundred miles from where I was born, like me has travelled many miles in search of home. When she arrived here after many months of living in dry states she stepped off the trailer, looked at the grass and her eyes said "Green grass!!! I'm home." and she settled right in.

Stella is a pony sized girl at 13.1hh

Stella is bay, with four whites and a blaze, plus a blanket pattern!
. . . . . . . . . Feather and bone, this colt seems to be getting it all. We are very pleased with how he is progressing, at nine months he is already taller than his dam Stella and full sisterArthEira who is seventeen months older than him. One to watch! Brenin.
On Monday April 15, at about 11.30pm
Stella's third foal arrived!

Blue Moon Brenin's sire is
Bears Pride of Thornhill.

Brenin is a nicely marked bay colt. I believe that he is going to be at least four inches taller than Stella. As he is maturing and his body is deepening, I feel as though he might just be a stallion prospect.

. . . . . . .

On Wednesday December 6, 2011 at 8.47pm
Stella's second foal was born!

Blue Moons ArthEira's sire is
Bears Pride of Thornhill.

"Arth" is the Welsh word for Bear, so we are using this as a part of her name to honor her sire "Bears Pride" and Grandsire "Bear". "Eira" is the Welsh word for snow, so to remember the season of her birth and the first snowfall two days prior to her birth, this is also a part of her name ~ "ArthEira" [which translate as Snow Bear].


On August 12 -2010 Stella gave birth to her first foal - a sweet little filly Blue Moons Fey Magic.

Fey is almost a perfect carbon copy of her dam even down to her left front foot being an odd colour. The biggest difference we can find is that Fey has a larger blaze and the whites on her back legs go higher than Stella's.

Sadly we lost Fey to a pulmonary haemorrhage at three days of age, probably due to her prematurity and the 100+ temperature when she was born ...


A real Gypsy wanderer, she was born in Yorkshire, at Hermit House Farm
where they called her Hermits Ghost Carin and was sold at one of the horse fairs to Clononeen Farm and relocated to Ireland. From Ireland "Artemis" immigrated to Arizona where she was named Athena. Onto Wyoming, then as "Frosty Dawn" she moved with her humans to Nevada. Next she went to Northern California, & as "Hey there Delilah" headed to SoCal. The last part of her quest to find home and her name brings her to the beautiful blufflands of South East Minnesota.

. . . . . . . . .
Stella the day she came home...

In Greek mythology Artemis was
the daughter of Zeus and Leto,
and the twin sister of Apollo.
Apollo became god of the sun
Artemis became goddess of the moon & the hunt.

She was the Godess of forests and
hills, often depicted as a huntress.
Deer and Cypress were sacred to her.

Artemis was one of the most widely
venerated of the godesses,
often associated with the moon.

This picture courtesy of Clononeen Farm
show Artemis with here "twin" brother Apollo

They aren't really twins, but have the same
sire and are around the same age.

These pictures are courtesy of Desert Jewel Gypsy Horses.
At Desert Jewel they named her Athena.

Athena is an armed warrior goddess in Greek Mythology.

She was called "Frosty Dawn" and lived in Wyoming and Nevada.

Next she went to Northern California, then as Delilah headed to SoCal.

Here she is with Taggart .

Pictures courtesy of Shawna at Hollywood Gypsy Horses.

Stella's sire "Hermits Lonley Ghost" photos courtesy of Amy at Coates Gypsy Horses

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This drawing of Stella by the talented Kim Stevens.
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Hermits Ghost Stella
Hermits Ghost Stella

Pedigree photos courtesy of
Hermit House Farm
Ghost picture taken at Hermit
House Farm by Amy Coates.

Hermits Lonely Ghost


Tansy of Darcy

Hermits Svetta

Tom of Hermits

Hermits Lana

Hermits Rocky

Hermits Duchess