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Blue Moon Brenin's page.

Born on April 15, 2013

Sired by Bears Pride [aka Teddy]
out of Hermits Ghost Stella

Expected to be over 14hh.
Colour DNA EE Aa.
Negative for Tobiano & LP genes.


Gypsy X Morgan filly Nighttime aka Leila.

Born on May 10, 2013

Sired by Rough Diamond
out of Morgan mare Midnight
Leila inherited the LP genefrom her sire,
she is a very friendly girl and right there with
our pureberd Gypsy fillies waiting for scratches.

Very quick learner who wants to please.

. . . . . .


You can see his page here.

2010 Gypsy X Welsh colt. He has been well socialised, walks very well on a halter, picks up his feet, etc. Thor is progressing very well, he is a friendly colt, we believe that he will finish at around 14 - 14.2hh. His dam is Val our Welsh mare and his sire is Bears Pride [aka Teddy] our Gypsy Horse stallion, both very friendly horses of sound temperament.

Magik sold to Kathy in Missori
Whispering Willows Zara -
Zara now lives with Michelle.

Epona - Thoroughshire - SOLD to Bennett in Texas!
We are so excited as she will be living with our boy Neptune.
born May 2005 - expected height 16.3hh

At birth she already had the tell-tale grey circles around her eyes, indicating that she would turn from bay to grey.

Walking on halter

Epona has two ben d'or spots this is the largest.

My Grand-daughter on Epona

Stephanie with Epona

Epona would pony along while Rhianon rode her momma May

pretty girl, greying very quickly

Rhianon on Epona for the first time, just for a couple of minutes.

Madeleine & Stephanie on Epona

Three years old Epona with Zara

Lulu and Duchess were my daughters riding horses in the summer of 2008.
To be able to keep Lightning [a.k.a. Bug] and Stormy, the Gyspy Sport Horse colts born here this summer they had to part with their loved Haflinger mares and were very happy to pass on these sweet girls to friends in Missouri so that other children would be able to enjoy them.



Duchess and Lulu and now being enjoyed by two families in Missouri. Here are two of the younger children meeting them the day we delivered them.

The note on the door of the houses was to let the older children out doing chores know that the "HORSES ARE HERE!!".
I loved seeing that note, it more than hinted at a degree of excitment that was contagious, and made the day really good for us.


Taggart's last home was in California, but he is forever here in Stephanie's heart.

Taggart was taken by colic, we share his new owner's pain.
Taggart and Stephanie
2.5 year old Tagg with his favorite human, ten year old Stephanie.

Honey and Monkey were the girls riding ponies, but were soon outgrown.

Honey and Monkey are now in Illinois.

Glencameron Sassy now in Texas.

We just loved Sassy, she and her daughter Zara came to live with us in December 2005. Unfortunately she and May didn't care much for each other and both wanted to be the boss. They were never aggressive but with their similar natures, two horse mad girls who just about live with our horses and our lack of facilities for keeping them separate one had to go.
Sassy with her Drum Horse filly Zara and Sassy with Stephanie on board.

Neptune now in Texas.

Our Spotted Draft colt Neptune made his debut in the early hours of May 23, so his imprint training was a couple of hours
late as we were not present at the birth, but as you can see by the following photos it wasn't too late!
You can do just about anything with this boy! At birth he was 11.2 hands tall and weighed about 175 lbs.
The two photos above were taken on Neptune's Birthday, see how calm his Momma is?

Tammy "Imperial Mia" now in Iowa, and Eowyn [Neptune's dam - lost to an impation].

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