The Foals of Rough Diamond

Rough's purebred foals:
Four out of four fillies.
One with spots.

Rough's 2013 foals:
Four fillies, and one colt.
All but one with spots.

Rough is getting more generous!

Rough's Colour DNA:
Ee - black carrying the red recessive gene
LPn - one copy of the Leopard Complex gene
NEGATIVE for grey, agouti and tobiano.

2013 foals

Beautiful chestnut filly China Rose out of Derbhla.

. . . . . . .
Full sister to Airwyn, another tobiano filly Clair de Lune out of Chriona.

. . . . . . .

Our first Rough baby is a 2011 tobiano filly Airwyn out of Chriona. Pictured below at 4 days.

. . . . . . .

Rough's first foal is a cute little filly out of the beautiful mare Shogun Sensation.

Photo courtesy of Wild Creek Farm
Photo courtesy of Hope of Glory Gypsy Horses.

Rough's crossbred foals


Black filly carrying the Lp gene Leila [dark beauty]
out of our Morgan mare Midnight


Spotted colt, possibly silver dapple Wild out of our Shetland Pony mare.


Wild named as a newborn, has not lived up to his name. He is a future ride/drive gelding for my Grandkids.

Spotted chestnut filly, Skittles out of a Haflinger mare.
Sold inutero to Alan in Canada.