The long awaited auction arrived, Madeleine and I went in hope of getting a wagon and some draft shafts. We got the shafts in good condition for $5, and we found just what we were looking for in a wagon, bidding was slow and we got it for $500, I had decided to go to $1500 so it was a very good buy!

Of course we were not going to buy a horse but stayed to watch prices. A few well trained geldings went for over $2500, but mostly prices were low... some minis sold for $50, AQHA foals for $100 a piece, but the lowest price of the day was to be quite a surprise. There she was a solid black Morgan yearling, a pretty little thing behaving very well on halter as they paraded her back and forth.


mid The Auctioneer started at $300-- $200--- $150-- $100-- $50-- "Will anyone give $25 for this filly?" I hesitantly raised my hand ever so slightly, the sharp eye caught it and my bid was placed. I turned to Madeleine and said that was as high as I was going. "50?" asked the auctioneer, but there were no more bids. That is how Midnight came to live with us.

The picture to the right was captured on the day of the auction by Stephanie. We had to leave Midnight there for the night as our trailer was stuck in the mud created by a torrential downpour that day.
Pictured to the left with her Gypsy X filly, Leila.

Gypsy gelding Cloud became Midnight's adopted momma, & we almost renamed her [Cloud's] Shadow...