May is our first horse, she came to live with us in December 2004. She is a beautiful 16.3hh Shire mare, very gentle and kind to humans, she seems to adore infants and small children. May is in amazing shape for her age, a 1989 model, she seems almost as lively as when we first met her.

May's facebook album.

May as she was leaving in the summer of 2010
January 2012 ~ seconds before this picture was taken Rhianon didn't even know that May was coming home!

gentle Shire may

The girls spent many hours on May.
gentle Shire

I entered this photo of Stephanie and May into a contest, and won first prize.

May X 3painting by Lidia Taylor

My prize was this plate with a painting of May and Stephanie on it.
The artist is Lidia Taylor and you can see more of her work on Equine Inspired Art.
The competition was on Jack Taylor's website devoted to Draft Horse Pictures.
Thank-you Lidia for the time you put into this beautiful plate, and to Jack for running the competition.