We are no longer breeding cross bred foals, unless a foal is pre-ordered with a non-refundable* deposit before mare is bred. [*Deposit would be refunded if the mare did not have a foal.]

I believe that Gypsy Cross Ponies and Horses out of sane, good natured mares provide family horses for those who either can't afford a pure Gypsy, or don't want to be bothered maintaining all the feather and hair that comes with a purebred Gypsy Horse.

All of our cros-bred colts will be gelded before going to their new homes.


................... May the 16.3hh Shire mare is our very first horse. Visit May's page for more information and pictures of her.

Since May is a senior citizen, born around 1989 she has officially retired from breeding and now has the job title of pasture ornament.
Valentine is a very steady trail horse, easy to handle, and good temperament. She is staying until my daughters feel that they want to part with her, if that day comes we will find her a forever home with a family. She has given us two cross bred colts, but at the moment is just my daughter's riding horse.

................... Midnight our Morgan mare was our "accidental" auction purchase. Visit Midnight's page for more information and pictures of her.

She has given us one filly, but will not be bred again unless someone particularly wants a foal from her and is willing to pay a deposit before she is bred.

Midnight is looking for a forever home with a theraputic riding facility.
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