Infix PDF Editor and Creator!

I have been working with a different PDF editing program for over a two year now, and every time I use it I seem to find new areas of frustration with how the software works... or sometimes doesn't! I paid $75 for this, and even bought the disc only to find that when my old computer died I could not install it on another computer without paying again. I had no intention of paying for more frustration so went looking for different PDF editing software.

I searched and found a few and tried them out, so many of them were as bad or worse than the original one, and I was even toying with the idea of going back to it. Then I downloaded the trail version of Infix PDF editing software from Incenti - Infix and was delighted to find a fully functioning version at my fingertips to give me a feel for how it worked. The saved documents have a watermark that will be removed once I have a licence key, but that is fine because I am so pleased with the ease of operation of this program, it did everything I asked it to and surprised me with some great features.

I used this software for a year, it was supposed to be free if I worte an acceptable review, which I apparently did. Little did I know that after a year a watermark would appear on each PDF file that I had edited using this software.

After getting ready to upload I found the watermark, it was even there on the documents I had uploaded last year. This wasted quite a lot of my time and I had to re-edit the files.

Thanks to OPEN OFFICE a free programe that can be used in place of Office, I was able to edit the PDF files and get them up on time.

I no longer recommend Infix, as OPEN OFFICE can do everything it can and all for no charge and with no watermark time bombs.