... ........................... Our Gypsy girls come in a variety of sizes and colours, from our 13hh bay spotted mare and her bay varnish roan daughter to our 14.3hh black and white Tobiano mare and her black Blagdon filly who might make 15hh. All have great personalities and good conformation, no perfection of course, there is no such thing, but we have chosen our stallions to compliment the mares and have been very pleased with our foals so far.

Hermits Ghost Stella was born in Yorkshire UK, about one hundred miles from where I was born, like me has travelled many miles in search of home. When she arrived here after many months of living in dry states she stepped off the trailer, looked at the grass and her eyes said "Green grass!!! I'm home." and she settled right in. Stella is a pony sized girl at 13.1hh, a pretty bay, with four whites and a blaze, plus a blanket pattern! Both her foals were sired by Bears Pride of Thornhill.

Her filly Blue Moon ArthEira was born on December 6, 2011.

On April 15, 2013 she presented us with a solid bay colt Blue Moon Brenin


Chr-air Clononeen Chriona is a very nicely put together mare, 50/50 colouring, traditional size with good feather and hair, imported from Ireland at six years of age, then pre-loved by Kate and Ron.

On September 16, 2011 Chriona made a special delivery! Blue Moon Airwyn, a beautiful black and white filly, sired by our spotted stallion Hermits Rough Diamond, no LP gene, but she has her sire's nice short back and she moves like him too! This filly has the best from both her dam and sire. On April 26, 2013 Chriona and Rough gave us another filly, Blue Moon Clare de Lune looking at birth like a carbon copy if her sister, but she soon started showing that she had inherited her Daddy's LP gene.

Flynt Hylls Clover is a mid-west girl through and through, even though her parents are from the UK. Born and raised in Kansas, her trip home was a mere 555 miles.

She came home in May 2009, she travelled so well and happily socialized after her arrival. She fit in very well and is a pleasure to have in our lives.

Clover is horse size and should mature to around 15hh. On April 13, 2013 Clover presented us with a beautiful blagdon filly, Blue Moon Night Skye sired by Bears Pride.


Our Broodmares of the Future

. . . . . . . . . . . . Our homegrown 2011 filly

Blue Moon ArthEira

Sired by Bears Pride
out of Stella

ArthEira is Bay

Her colour DNA is:
EE homozygous black.
tt negative for Tobiano.
LPn one copy of the Leopard complex [appy] gene.

2012 filly

Miss Ellie Brown

sired by Bandera Tiger Moth
out of Shaneys Angel.

Ellie is Smokey Black.

Her colour DNA is:
EE homozygous black.
tt negative for Tobiano.
CRn one copy of the cream gene.

Blue Moon Night Skye EE tt
Sired by Bears Pride out of Clover
Our homegrown 2013 fillies

Blue Moon China Rose ee tt negative for LP
Sired by Rough Diamond out of Derbhla

Blue Moon Clair de Lune EE Tt LPn
Sired by Rough Diamond out of Chriona