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Call them what you want; Traditional Cobs, Coloured Cobs, Irish Cob, Tinker, Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Vanner or just plain "Gypsy Horse" they are all the same horse. I hope that we can retain the vision of the Romany people and not let the desire for huge amounts of feather and hair override all else and detract from the wonderful personality and temperament of this breed of horse.

I have compiled over two hundred links to Gypsy Horse breeders plus Drum Horse & Gypsy Sport Horse breeders in the USA grouped by states. In the table below Drum Horses breeders without any pure Gypsy Horses will have [DH] after their listing and Gypsy Sport Horse breeders with no purebred Gypsy Horses will have [GSH]. I have also listed Gypsy Horse breeders in several other countries, breed associations, and some interesting UK links to horse fairs, museums and articles about Romany people's lives, their vardos, language, books etc.


The Romany People
BBC - Early History
Gypsies in Welsh Cultural History
Journey Folki
Romany Genes
Irish Traveller Heritage
Voice of Roma
Romanichal Word List
Gypsy Lore Society
Manfri Wood's word list
Romany Connections
Romany Family History
Welsh Romany Language
Romany Origins
UK Romani Events
DNA Databases
Gypsy Horse Databank

The Romany Horse
BBC - The Gypsy Horse
Gypsy Horse

Romany Museums
Boswell Romany Museum
Gordon Boswell to Chavvies.
South East Romany Museum

Romany Vardos
Vardo ~ Origin & Evolution
Gypsy Wagons UK
Gypsy Waggons
Wagons Online
Gypsy Caravan Company
Horse Fairs
Appleby Fair
Appleby Fair Article
Ballinasloe Fair
Cotswold Blogs - Horse fair

UK Breed Registries
Coloured Horse & Pony Society
Gypsy Cob Society
Irish Cob Society [Ireland]
Traditional Gypsy Cob Association

UK Horse Sale Websites
Coloured Contacts
Horses For Sale UK
Horses For Sale
UK -USA Connection
"Gypsy Jib" James Hayward
"Gypsy Magic"
Patrinella Cooper

"The Welsh Gypsy" A & E Jarman
"Gypsy Horses & the Travelers' Way"
John Hockensmith

Forums & Yahoogroups
About Gypsy Horses
Coloured Cob Chat
Gypsy Horses
Gypsy Horse Open Forum
Gypsy Sport Horses
Harlequin Forum

Abbotswood Stud
Acton Hall Stables
Barleycroft Farm
Bascote Lodge Stud
Clononeen Farm
Coates Gypsy Horses
Coloured Cob Centre
Dixie Down Meadows
Dunroaming Robert Watson
Ellerbeck Coloured Cobs
Farwinds Stud
Greener Pastures Cobs
Gypsy Cobs UK
Gypsy Cobs Horses
Gypsy Horses UK
Hayfield Drum Horses [DH]
Hermits Cobs & Ponies
James Taylor Gypsy Horses
LK Cobs
Lion Heart Stud
Martmor Gypsy Cobs
Meadow Farm
McCartney Stud
Paintball Gypsy Cobs
Pferde Stud
R.A.F. Horses
Traditional Show Cobs
Vines Gypsy Horses
Abbeylands Gypsy Cobs
Carrigbyrne Stud
Cashelane Irish Cobs
Cillbarra Stud
Greener Pastures Cobs
Kerry Stallions
Lough Shore Stud

Galloway Cobs
Gypsy Horse International
Ned Bassett
Ty Newydds Tinker
Welsh Gypsy Horses

Europe to North America
Clononeen Bloodstock Services
European Horse Service
Global Horse Transport
Belgian - Irish Cob Studbook
The Barley Farm
Gypsy Ranch
De Gentse Tinkerhoeve
Meadows Irish Cobs
Snorremans van Germania

Irish Cob Society - Denmark
Bisgaards Gypsy Horses
Diamond Horse
Katja and Jorgan Bech
Per & Kaja Beer
Unique Gypsy Horses
Vita Gad Soe & Henning Soe

Irish Cob Society

Irish Cob Society - France
Domaine de Tjos
Gypsy de Lorraine
Domaine du Réve Gypsy
Domaine du Vallon
Domaine DuoKarl
La Ferme des Arriouets
Le Vallon de Lamourre
Les Gypsy Du Prieure
Le Sabots de Boheme
Restauffret Coloured Horses

I.C.S. - Germany
Coloured Horses
Gypsy Horse Ranch
Gypsy Horse Market
Mustang's Island
Spessart Tinker
Sunshine Farm
Tinkers Dreamland

Coeur de Lion Shires,
Hunters and Drumhorses [DH]


De Bonte Parels
De Dorushoeve
Irish Cob Society - Netherlands
Gypsy Cob Horses
Gypsy Cobs of Oz
Gypsyhorses Europe
JP Tinkers
Irish Tinker Stables
Nuage Tinker Stables
Orianna Ranch
Tinkerstal van de Gorterstraat

Irish Cob Society - Sweden
Morka Skogs
Planterhagen Tinker Horses
Australian Gypsy Horse Society
Gypsy Cobs in Australia & NZ
Aus. Gypsy Horse Association
Aethelwyne Farm - VIC
Arcadian Stables - NSW
Bethesda Drum Horses - VIC
Dellifay Gypsy Cobs - QLD
Demore Park - NSW
Glenbogyl Park - NSW
High Street Gypsy Cobs - NSW
Kintara Gypsy Cobs
Kirashae Park Stud - SA
Malakand Gypsies - WA
Old World Horses - WA
Painted Charm Gypsy Horses
Pepperwood Gypsy Cobs - WA
Pure Meadows Farm - NSW
Smith Gypsy Cobs - VIC
Southern Gypsies - VIC
Surrey Springs - VIC
Taylor Made Gypsy Cobs - WA
Terror's Creek Drums - QLD
Watermark Gyspy Cobs - NSW
Wattle Lane Stables - QLD
Wimballan Gyspy Horses - QLD

Brightwater Gypsy Horses
Chatto Creek Gypsy Cobs
Gypsy Magic Stud
Gypsy Royal
Romany Cobs NZ
Westfield Stud

Outlaw Farm

Canadian Legacy Gypsy Horse Farm
Circle Four Gypsies
Custom Chrome Sport Horses
Cyclone Gypsy Horses
Deerfield Stables
Dream Catcher Canadians [DH]
Gemstone Farm
Gypsy Horse Ranch
Gypsy Quebec
High Road Gypsies
Mutt 'N Wood
Mystical Meadows
North Fork Gypsy Cobs
Once Upon A Farm
Prairie Thunder Ranch
Pride of Place Stables
Pine Valley
Sonview Gypsy Ranch
Spruce Ridge Stables
Unicorn Stables
Vanner Manor

Make your own Vardo
Daphne's Caravans - Toronto
Some General Links
Foaling Calculator
Weight Calculator
Toxic Plants
Draft Horse Links
Net Posse
Horse Nutrition
Horse Worm Control
Preventing Scratches
Internet Hay Exchange
Find Horse Transporters
Traveling Horse
Georgia Walker Insurance
Jarvis Insurance
Equine Legal Solutions
Horsetrip - Horse Motels
American Driving Society
Horse Lovers?
Horse Colour Information
Colour Calculator
Evolution of Horse Colour
Equine Color Genetics
Horse Color
Horse Colours & Markings

Gypsy & Drum Horse Shows
Gypsy Show Horse Association

Horse Sale Websites
Gypsy Horse Source
American Gypsy Horses
Gypsy Horse For Sale Website
Best Equine
Drafts for Sale
Dream Horse
Horse "Stuff"
Draft Horse Stuff
Cafe Press [t-shirts etc]
Julie's Horse Portraits
Kim's Pen & Ink Art
Mark Barrett Photography
Nicker Stickers
Photography by Nichole
Tinker Tommie Webshop [NL]
Redstreake Gallery
Remme Park Photography
Sunflower Photography
USA Breed Registries
Gypsy Horse Association
Gypsy Horse Registry of America
Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
Gypsy Cob & Drum Horse Association
American Drum Horse Association
American Gypsy Horse Breed Association
Feathered Horse Classic
Show Promotion & Resources
USA breeders by state:

Alaska Arizona
Aisling Ranch
Desert Jewel Gypsy Horses
Feather of the West
Gypsy Wind Carriage Company
Hualapai Gold Gypsy Horses
Mesquite Grove Farm
Shiredale Farm
Stonehaven Farms
WestCelt Gypsy Horses
Autumn Ridge Ranch
Circle G Ranch
Freelands Gypsy Horses
California - A-H
Beltane Vale
Blackjack Gypsy Horses
Cielo Celeste Farm
Desert Winds Gypsy Horses
Dragon Fire Gypsies
Dragonfly Gypsy Cobs
Dunrovin Gypsy Vanners
Fantasy Feather Gypsys
Feathered Angels of Mystic Shores
Forestheart Farm
Feather Hill Farm
Gold Rush Gypsy Vanner Farm
Gypsy Feathers Ranch
Gypsy Rose Ranch
Gypsy Station
Hacienda de los Gitanos
Hale O Lio Lahui'ae'a
Happy Camp Cob
Harlequin Farm
Harpers Fiesta Farm
California - H-Z
Hidden Creek Ranch
Hidden View Ranch
Jenner Rose Ranch [GSH]
Knight Haven [DH]
Magic Ranch [DH]
Mandarin Gypsy Horses
Painted Gypsy Ranch
R Gypsy Vanners
Rancho Santa Fe Ranch
Rocking H
Rock Ranch
S & G Ranch [DH]
Shasta H Ranch
Spyglass Farms
Subia Drafts
Thundering Hooves
Toadstool Farm
West River Gypsy
Wildest Dream Farm
Wine and Wings Ranch
Colorado River Gypsies
Edoras Stables
Equus Loco
Painted Feather Shires
Parnells Irish Cobs
Sundance Gypsy Horse Farm
Superior Stables
Emerald Winds
Gypsy Woods
Kidder Brook Farm
Lake View Farm
Whispering Woods Ranch

Appleby Vanner Farm
Bar None Gypsies
Bit-N-Heaven Gypsy Horses
Carpe Diem Farm
Dancing Feather Farm
Fields of Gold Farms
Guthrie Gypsy Horses
Gone Gypsy Farm
Gypsy Elite
Gypsy Gold
Gypsy Lady Farm
Gypsy Vanner Ranch
Heavenly Winds Haven
Infinity Farm
Lucky Charm Farm
[DH] Moonlit Acre
Painted Gypsy Farm
Partner Up
The Pelton Vanners
Rambling Gypsy Farm
Vanner Valley Farm
WR Ranch
Amazing Grace Farm
Belle Reid Farm
Big Pine Farm
Cosmopolitan Horse Farm
Excalibur Elite Equine
Flash Farm
Glen Grace Farm
Kuntry Livin
Love Those Gypsy Horses
Nottingham Shires [DH]
Hawaii Idaho
Bellshire Farm
Nieland Farm Gypsy Vanners
Night Sky Gypsies
Rocking Horse Stables
Rocky Mountain Gypsy Ranch
Settlers Run Sporthorses [DH]
Snake River Shires [DH]
Apple Acre Gypsy
Blue Feather Farms
Bohemian Gypsy Cobs
Bridlewood Farm DH
Ten Oak Gypsy Horses
D'Archangel Farm
Drum and Feather Farm
Heaven Sent Farm
FeatherWood Farm
Imperial Drum Horses
Summer Hill Farms
Eiresown Sporthorses
Flynt Hylls Gypsy
Signature Friesians
Full Circle Dressage
Rivertown Gypsy Horses
Shamrock Farms
Splendored Things
Beller Rose Vanners
Diamond Cutters Eli
Hearts 'N Horses
Noble Legends
Northeast Gypsy Legends
Rollin Thunder Farm
Spruce Nubble Farm [DH]
Cherry Hill Gypsy Horses
Honeywood Gypsy Cobs
Remme Park
Walnut Ridge Horses
CSpots Gypsy
Feather Drum Farm
Nautilus Gypsy Cobs
Painted Hills Farm Gypsies
Rock Ridge Farm
Snow Eden Gypsies
Aibhlinn Farm [GSH]
Aldershire Farm [DH]
Coloured Cobs of Cranmore
Fae Willow Farm [GSH]
Fire Wind Farm [DH]
Gypsy Acres
Hope of Glory Gypsy Horses
Lucky Star Ranch
MM Horse-n-Around Ranch
Mount Christie Gypsy Horses
Raven Hawk Ranch
Run Gypsy Run
WillowWind Stable LLC
Alpha Omega Farm
Ballyhara Sport Horses
Blackshire Equestrian
Blue Moon Gypsies & Drums
Creek Side Gypsy Farm
Drums of War Farms
Excalibur Breeding Center
Feather King Ranch
Gypsy Dance Ranch
Lakeridge Gypsy
Miller Stables
Vintage Vanners
Warhorse Farm
Black Pearl Gypsy Farm
Chocolate Horse Farm
Gypsy Park
Seeing Spots Ranch
The Sevenevans Ranch
Thornhill Gypsies
Wendover Gypsy Cobs

Big Sky Gypsy & Drum Horses
Purcell's Gypsy Horses
Romani Mountain Ranch
Rainbow Gypsy Horses
Total Ranch Service
Travelin Horse Farm
New Hampshire
Aisling Farm
The Carriage Barn
Granite State Gypsies
Little Dream Ranch
Thistledown Cottage
New Jersey
Blarney Stone Acres
Painted Dream Gypsies
Wildfire Acres
New Mexico
New York
Creek Run Farm
Ellena's Gypsy Vanner Farm
Evenstar Farm
Gypsy Pride
Horse of Wisdom
Oakhill Stables
Serenity Equestrian Center
Shadowhawke Gypsies
SquirrelWood Gypsies
Unicorn Meadows
West Hill Ranches
Westmoreland Farm
North Carolina
Belladonna Gypsy Farm
Found Feather Farm
J-Lo Haven Farms
Lazy R Ranch
Mountain View Vanners
Stillwater Farm
WhipOWill Gypsies
North Dakota
All Star Farm
Carousel Friesians
Fantasia Farms Gypsy Horses
Golden Link Gypsies
KD Farms
Guardian Spirit Bold Breck
Guardian Spirit Lively Leo
Lucky Star Stables
Majestic Gypsy Horses
N'Co Gypsy Vanners
Northern Lights Ranch
The Pony Place
West Moreland Farm
Wild Creek Farm
4Cs Gypsy Horses
Gypsy Dreams
On The Hill Gypsies
Egret Flats Farm
First Class Farms
Gypsy Creek Carriage Events
Hytyme Drum Horses [DH]
Lazy River Gypsies
Lucky Charm Ranch
Mulberry Lane Farms
North Star Gypsy
Sterling Spring Farm
Viewcrest Farm
Aspen Valley Gypsy Horses
Chestnut Oak Farm
Congress Hill Farm
El Brio Vanners
Capricorn Farm
Granite Hill Gypsy Vanners
Grape County Gypsies
Gurdy Run Farm
Gypsy Palace
Mountain View Farm
Old Mill Farm
Paramitsha Hill
Power Paint Farm
Stony Creek Farm
White Bison Farm
Rhode Island
South Carolina
Catcha Dream Farm
Enchanted Forest Gypsies
Grey Ghost Gypsy Horses
Mariah Farms
South Dakota
Dakota Winds Ranch
Hilltop Gypsies & Drums
May Day Acres
Prairie Wind Horses DH
Double D Stud
Lexlin Gypsy Ranch
Liberty Hill Farm
Northridge Farm [DH]
Painted Dream Gypsies
Painted Fantasy Stable
Pegasus Place Gypsies
Rivendell Gypsies
River Mist Horse Farm
Silver Feather Gypsies
Villa Vanners
A Gypsy Run Farm
Alexander Vanners
Aswy-Morgan Farm
Aunique Ranch
Avalon Shires
Bandera Gypsy Ranch
Caravan of Dreams
Castle Knoll Farms
Cimmarroon Ranch
Cornerstone Farm Gypsy Horses
Debrics Equestrian Center
Diamond P
Golden Signature
Gowalty's Balley
Gypsies & Friesians n Style
Gypsy Lane
Gypsy MVP
Green Heritage Ranch
Greensleeves Carriage Company
High Valley Ranch
Horse Feathers Farm
Immage Setter Ranch
Magnolia Draft Horse Ranch
Seraphim Ranch
Silver Meadow Gypsies
WayCross Farm
Wizards Spell Ranch
Forest Knight Gypsy Horses
Roscreigh Stable
Utah Gypsy Cob Horses

Apple Ridge Farms
Horseshoe Ranch Gypsy Cobs
Running Wind Farms
Wolf Manor Estate
Bootleg Express Draft Farm
Gypsy Fortune Farm
Gypsy Stables
Gypsies of Sleepy Hollow
Kings Symbol Farm
Legacy Vanners
Magic Horse Ranch
Possum Hollow Acres [DH]
Stone Tavern Gypsies
Sunnybrook Farm
Virginia Vanners
Bernard Woods Estate de Equus
Flying Feather Gypsy Horses
GlennRainier Farm
Gypsy Vanner Ranch
Midnight Sun Gypsy Horses
Misty Valley Farm
Orcas Island Feathered Horses
Rocky Butte Ranch
Whiskey River Ranch
West Virginia
Cherry Hill Gypsy Horses
Forrest Lane Gypsy Vanners
AD Acre Ranch
Middle Be Acres
Earth Energies Ranch
Feathered Acres
Feathered Gold Stables
Finnegan's Fields
Friesdale Farms
Harkaway Farm
Kinders Jackpot Gypsies
Kellane Farm
Rainbow Acres Ranch
Rosewater Farm
Wyoming Winds

There seem to be more and more horses advertised as "Gypsy Drums", "Gypsy Shires", or even "Gypsy Cobs", "Gypsy Horses" or "Gypsy Vanners" that have no "Gypsy Horse" blood in them. I have seen people selling Spotted Drafts with varying amount of feather as "Gypsy Drums" & "Gypsy Shires".

Please don't get me wrong, The Spotted Draft is a fine horse and I have no idea why some people breeding them feel the need to jump on the Gypsy bandwagon. I have seen smaller paint horses possibly with some Shire or Clydesdale in them, giving them moderate feather advertised as "Gypsy Horses", they may look a little like Gypsy Horses, but that doesn't make them one.

The horse known by the above names is called a "Coloured Cob" in the UK, it was originally bred by the Romany people, Gypsies, or Travellers as a smaller draught horse for pulling the family Vardo. Given the close proximity to family life temperament was of huge concern, so the breed became perhaps the most docile horse ever seen. It is not just about looks... so no matter how much some crosses might look like a Gypsy Horse, don't be fooled.

Don't rush into a purchase, if the advertisment says "registered" check it out. Here are
the contact email addresses for all of the Gypsy Horse and Drum Horse Registries:

Claudette Griffith - Gypsy Horse Association

Jan Easter - Gypsy Horse Registry of America

Gypsy Cob & Drum Horse Association

Laurel Eaton - American Drum Horse Association

Joyce Christian - Gypsy Vanner Society

The American Livestock Breed Conservancy has regrettably changed the status of the Shire Horse from "Watch" to "Critical". Please think twice before removing a Shire mare with papers from the Shire Horse gene pool, extinction is forever.

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