Blue Moon Gypsies Thunder & Lightning
a.k.a. Bug & Stormy

When we brought home our two Haflinger mares and our Welsh mare in foal to Gypsy studs it was our hope to get a couple of fillies for breeding three quarter Gypsy Horses, but Lulu slipped her foal and Duchess and Valentine had colts. When the first one "Lightning" a.k.a. "Bug" was born one stormy Sunday, we were disappointed. Then when the second one "Thunder" a.k.a. "Stormy" arrived exactly two weeks later on yet another stormy Sunday, I commented to the girls that if they didn't sell as weanlings that they should train them as a team to help sell them. My husband said that then they wouldn't want to part with them, and if they kept them the girls could take him for buggy rides... The girls were excited by the prospect and it makes sense to have geldings for using horses, this it the colts own page.

Stormy & Bug with their
This was taken after a two mile hike, up hills and down to the creek.
.............. Some dreams are never meant to be... we had a tragedy in January of 2009, Bug and Stormy were poisoned and we lost them both within hours of each other. It is very frightening to loose one horse in such a manner, but to loose two healthy, vibrant colts so suddenly was a terrible shock to the girls and I. Magick was sickened a little, but being bigger and maybe having consumed less of the toxin he was not as seriously affected.

Today [September 13, 2009] we finally know what killed Bug and Stormy. I had suspected a possible toxic plant in the hay becasue it was not from our farm so I could not be sure what plants might be in it. My husband was almost certain that it was nothing but grass, but today he went to mow that same place again. As soon as he got there he phoned to tell me that there was a large patch of weeds with white sap. Madeleine and I went to get pictures for identification, but we really didn't need to, right away she knew that it was marsh milkweed. That was the most expensive hay we have ever had... two very special colt's lives.
Plants Toxic to Horses

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Thunder & Lightning
My daughters did a lot of early training with these colts.

Bug came to visit Bug knew I was in the house
and came to visit
he backed down perfectly.

Now I know what Grandchildren are for (-;

Little Amber loves the horses
and was very excited to
able to sit on Lightning.
early riding training

Dick & Bug Dick is not a horse person
but he definitely liked
our colts.

These little colts grew like weeds
and loved each other's company.
They are together in death
as they were in life.

R.I.P. Bug and Stormy.
Stormy & Bug

Stephanie & Stormy
Stormy and Stephanie, how they loved each other.
Stormy was being a little difficult here
as he had been frightened by a truck.
Our Welsh mare Val came to us in foal to Tibbs Conghal, a black and white Tobiano
Gypsy stallion sired by Rock of Cashel out of Cali, daughter of Spellcaster.

On May 25, 2008 during a storm Val gave birth to her first colt Lightning,
you can see more pictures of him on his Webshots Album.

Our Haflinger mare Duchess came to us in foal to Lively Leo, a Red Chestnut Tobiano Gypsy stallion sired by
Vine's Head and Ears out of Lake Ridge Gypsy Love. Leo is a grandson of both The Buck Horse
[The Buck Horse is by the legendary stallion Road Sweeper] and the Lottery Horse.

On June 8, 2008 during a storm Duchess gave birth to her colt Thunder,
you can see more pictures of him on his Webshots Album.

Scroll down for a few pictures of our Hafflingers & Welsh mares taken the week we brought them home...
Madeleine & Stephanie with DuchessStephanie & Madeleine with Duchess & Val
Pictures of the girls with the Haflingers the day after we brought them home.
Maddie with DuchessStephanie on Lulu
Maddi leading Duchess & Stephanie on Lulu
Duchess, Lulu & ValDuchess & Val
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