Chriona with her 2013 filly Clair de Lune [Lu]
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Chriona with her 2011 filly Airwyn

With a new bridle and bit Madeleine and Chriona were all ready for the first ride out in the fields.

I watched as they disappeared behind some trees and later watched through the lense of a camera as they came cantering back. Much to my horror something fell of Chriona, then as I lowered the camera I knew it was Madeleine. I was relieved to see her stand up, and reach out to Chriona who stayed right there with her rider.

Here is what Madeleine thought of the events:

I went for a ride on Chriona today, fun fun! She walks, trots and canters well. She needs a little work with the idea of standing still when told and I desperately need a new saddle. I know this because when we were cantering for the third time the saddle slipped and off I flew... it was kinda fun! and she didn't even come close to stepping on me, she jumped to the side and stopped instantly such a good girl!

Here she is at home - September 16, 2010! We already had some wonderful up and coming Gypsy horses, but one thing was lacking in our herd and that was maturity, so we searched for an older "been there, done that mare" trained to drive, ride, a good brood mare and of course with a very sound temperament. We needed a mare who you can sit the Grandchildren on, a good all round family horse, and much to our delight we finally found her. Not only is she all the above, she is also a very nicely put together mare, 50/50 colouring, traditional size with good feather and hair.

The pictures below of her being ridden bareback, with no bridle were taken a couple of hours after she got off the trailer!

Go to Chriona's facebook album for her latest pictures.

The following pictures are courtesy of Kate & Ron Cowan of Rivendell Gypsies who imported Chriona from Clononeen Farm in 2005. Thank you Kate and Ron for entrusting your girl to us.

Of Chriona Kate and Ron said: "We asked Deirdre Cash of Clononeen Farm in Ireland to recommend to us a smaller stature piebald Gypsy mare, with good conformation, luxurious feathers, already trained to ride and drive, and with a strong desire to be our best friend! And we wanted a mare already in foal to an excellent stallion. A tall request – but Deirdre answered that she had a beautiful mare that would fit us right down to the ground! We are so blessed with Deirdre’s good taste in horses, and to have Chriona is our lives as a result!!!"


Videos below courtesy of Riverplains Farm

The following photos were taken when Chriona was in Ireland at Clononeen Farm