The Foals of Bears Pride

We ad new foals at the top of the page.

Bears Pride's purebred foals:
Five fillies and one colt.
All are Blagdons.

His Drum Horse foals:
Three colts, two Tobiano.

His crossbred foals:
Three colts, two Tobiano.

Bears Pride's Colour DNA:
Tt - heterozygous for the Tobiano gene
EE - homozygous black, so can't produce Chestnut.

~ 2013 Foals ~

On Monday April 15, 2013 around 10.30pm
Teddy's first Gypsy colt was born!

Blue Moons Brenin's dam is Hermits Ghost Stella our spotted mare.

Brenin pictured to the right the morning after his birth surprised us with how long his legs are. It took him a while to grow into those legs, but is now showing great potential and at ten months is taller than his 13hh dam.

. . . . . . . . .

On Saturday April 13, 2013 just before midnight, Teddy's fifth filly was born.

Blue Moons Night Skye's dam is our good mare Flynt Hylls Clover

Night Skye was named for the spectacularly beautiful night sky, that distracted our gaze from the newborn many times that night.

. . . . . . . . .

~ 2011 Foals ~

On Wednesday December 6, 2011 at 8.47pm
Teddy's fourth Gypsy filly was born!

Blue Moons ArthEira's dam is Hermits Ghost Stella our spotted mare.

"Arth" is the Welsh word for Bear, so we are using this as a part of her name to honor her sire "Bears Pride" and Grandsire "Bear". "Eira" is the Welsh word for snow, so to remember the season of her birth and the first snowfall two days prior to her birth this is also a part of her name ~ "ArthEira" [which translate as Snow Bear].

On Saturday April 30, 2011 at around 10.30pm
Teddy's sixth foal was born!

Blue Moons Beltaine's dam is Derbhla a mare we had leased.

Beltaine is a Celtic Festival which commences at moonrise of May Eve, so we gave our filly her name to recognize the day of her birth.

On Wednesday April 6, 2011 not long after dawn Teddy's fifth foal made her debut!

Blue Moons Dea Artio's dam is our good mare Flynt Hylls Clover

Dea Artio is the Celtic Bear Goddess and we thought it was a good name for our filly to honor her sire "Bears Pride" and grandsire "Bear".

~ 2010 Foals ~

On December 16, 2010 Teddy's fourth foal - another colt was born.

Tundra's dam is May our beautiful 16.3hh Shire.


On October 11 2010 another colt sired by Teddy was born.

Zen's dam is Zara, a beautiful 17.2hh Drum Horse Mare now owned by Michelle in WI.

Here is Zara's page from when she lived with us.

On August 31st 2010 Teddy's second foal was born.

Blue Moon Thor

His dam is our Welsh Cob mare Val. Thor is a strong, healthy colt, bay tobiano, with some feather on the front of his feet and legs at birth. On his birth day he showed us that he can jump as he sailed right over a bucket, it was amazing to see those long baby legs do that!

The first foal sired by Teddy was born on August 12 -2010, a nice little filly Blue Moons Fey Magic out of our Gypsy mare Hermtis Ghost Stella.

Sadly we lost Fey when she was three days old ....